Re: 안녕하세요. 시카고 한인분들께 부탁드릴일이 있어서 글쓰게됐습니다. > 미주토크

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Re: 안녕하세요. 시카고 한인분들께 부탁드릴일이 있어서 글쓰게됐습니다.

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Unfortunately your father was subject to a "phishing" attack. the domain "", "",  "8vproe", "8vprot" and many others... are web domains set up by criminals impersonating the legitimate crypto exchange  we have reported these phishing sites to their domain registrars, hosting providers and search engines as soon as we discover them, unfortunately the domain registrars and hosting providers are slow to react leading to unfortunate cases like your father has experienced. domain registrar is namesilo ( the best course of action is to file a police report in Korea and the police cybercrime division should contact the domain registrar namesilo and the hosting service of the fake website to de-anonymise the person who registered the domain. If money or cryptocurrency has been transferred by your father the police should be able to track it and contact third parties to freeze and return the funds. 

details of the fake domains relevant in your case are:


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